Unlimited Free Bux




Unlimited Free Bux

Hi Guys

I will Guide you through Step by step the Possible ways to earn money through the internet  for free.!!

Sounds amazing their's no hidden  agendas.  You want lose or cost a single cent

because of me . when you earn I will also get an affiliated income. 

 So My Objective is to open up more & more income generating avenues for you

I will guide you through step by step.

 STEP 01

  a Valid email account (Gmail is the best) 

1) click here to create a one if you don't have a one

                                        (Better to keep a separate  email account for this purpose without divulging your personal email account. Since it will help you track your communications more effectively)

 STEP 02

1)  You should have a smart phone / i phone /tab  to install some web   applications.

                        2) if you don't have a one you can a buy a phone online or from  a local store .

                   if you want to buy a smart phone online 


 STEP 03 

                   1)Install  EZY cash app     from Google play strore to your Phone


  CLICK here to watch the video




           1) Create a payoneer  account 

 You need to create Link between your EZY cash on your Phone and a Payoneer account on the web. (This is needed to Send & Receive money from the web witout Declaring your credit card numbers to the internet) 



go to click sense 

Great to see you!



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